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Vouching and Sponsorship

Enlightened Industries is currently conducting open recruitment. Vouch or sponsor is not required Enlightened Industries is currently accepting new members through either vouch or sponsorship only. Applications that do …

5 September 3, 2018
Directions on Applying

Directions on applying to Enlightened Industries Registering your characters on the corp ESI site Go to When registering for the first time, be sure to register with your main If you…

3 September 3, 2018
Interested in Joining, Read this First

Application Form: [b]CEO: Burlinton Directors: Kalus Ekkadon, Taar Vara, Trooper Thorn, longblade9969, Ancelm Blackwater , Brilok Jogbar, Mierin Arthie Managers: Khandu Eesi, Zyel Lightf…

3 August 30, 2018