ENLIGHTENED INFANTRIES - DUST 514 Corp - Now Recruiting!!!

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ENLIGHTENED INFANTRIES - DUST 514 Corp - Now Recruiting!!!

Postby Dirk Smacker » 2013 12 13, 19:32




Enlightened Infantries (ENL-D), the planetary battalion of ENL-I, is now recruiting! ENL-D is open to all ENL-I/ENL-A members and those who receive vouches from current members. There is no SP requirement, and voice comms are only required for "serious military business". The aim is to build from the ground up socially, militarily, and financially a place where members of the ENL-I community can have fun and make an impact in DUST.

DUST 514 is a free-to-play PS3 exclusive shooter. All you need is Sony's third best console, a PSN account, and you are good to go. Use this link to get some free goodies when you link your PSN account to DUST: https://dust514.com/recruit/EHn5pN/

(Full disclosure: If you sign up using that link and actually play a lot of DUST, Dirks Macker will get some substandard in-game bling. You get some shotguns in return)

Note: You can start accruing passive SP's by linking your account even if you do not have a PS3. So if the game ever comes to PS4 or PC, you will start from a better place.


How to sign up:

1. Register your PSN account as noted above.
2. Download DUST 514 to your PS3 from the PSN Store.
3. Apply in-game to the corp: Enlightened Infantries.
4a. For ENL-I Members: Post in this thread with your DUST character's name.
4b. For ENL-A members: EVE-mail "Dirk Smacker" in EVE Online with your character's name.
5. For vouches (preferably real life vouches): EVE-mail "Dirk Smacker" with name and why you are vouching.

Important: Membership and/or participation in Enlightened Infantries does not count towards participation in Enlightened Academy, nor will it lead to acceptance into ENL-I or bypass any current or future EVE recruitment policies.


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