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Postby Jagzeh » 2013 10 29, 20:08

So i heard some of you guys are playing Rift - I have an old character that I created from the pre-release days, and am wondering what shard yawl playing on, as I have a free transfer to any shard i want.

so.. what shard ya playing on?

FYI - working nights again, hence I havn't been around much. Playing some Batman AO while im on a long training sesh in eve.

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Samurox Anders
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Re: Rift..?

Postby Samurox Anders » 2013 11 25, 11:30

Locke made a post on General Discussion, you can see it here viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9325

I think the shard is Gelindra, but you have the info spread around that post :)

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Re: Rift..?

Postby RazielZian » 2013 11 29, 18:49

I've started playing the game myself in my spare time (so about an hour a week).

It's actually a lot of fun and really addictive.

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Shenjo Nahrnid
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Re: Rift..?

Postby Shenjo Nahrnid » 2013 11 30, 17:25

The game itself is nice and easy I've played it back when it came out. Stopped a but but still enjoy it. Only real issue is sometimes you feel the grind more then usual. But for f2p it's above the rest

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