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Posted: 2013 06 23, 07:07
by Crysuchi
i hear you thinking minecraft?????
yes we nerd who love killing spaceships like to build stuff in minecraft
and i wanna do a big thank you to Sllid3r who is in the academy who made a ENL-I/A server for us to use

modded version IP adress:
Feed The Beast ip adress:

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Posted: 2013 06 28, 00:53
by redragon
Who all is playing on the FTB server?

Are there rules?

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Posted: 2013 07 03, 18:58
by Crypt XX
Need whitelist to the vanilla server please: Workbrooz


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Posted: 2013 07 04, 16:10
by kooter poker
i spawn at the top of a very high tower and i cannot get down without dying


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Posted: 2013 07 04, 16:58
by Claire Itonula

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Posted: 2013 07 05, 07:08
by Sllid3r
It never occurred to me that there would be a post about our private ENL-I servers in public chat. That might explain the griefers the last few days....

Feed The Beast Ultimate does not have any rules set up on it at all. It is the wild wild west. If you blow up the world and crash the server I will just make a new one. If someone wants to run the FTB server, I would be happy to hand you the keys so you. The same goes for all the ENL-I Minecraft.

Omni181 is going to head up running One of the Survival Servers. We will be removing some unwanted plugins. The server is to be ran as pure vanilla survival. But people wanted world maps, MCMMO, Log Block, Grief Prevention and other mods. Many of the original mod requests were in conflict with how the server was to be ran or would crash the server in conjunction with other mods.

Server #2 is the Feed The Beast Server. Wild Wild West... no rules and need a Server Admin.

Server #1 got all messed up. The idea behind it is "Pure Vanilla".The person who was to have ran it was not the person whom I handed the keys to. Or I may have given the keys to the server out to several people. Lots of stuff got created in "creative mode" on a Survival server and it quickly went to hell. To this day I do not know the name of the guy who was going to run this server. His name was something like "Kalliani". I think I also figured out that his in game name was something like "Walrus1". I need to find that guy and set up a new server for him and know that I am handing the right guy file level access. Another thing that was misunderstood, was me on a vanilla server. Without an Admin, I have to sit on a server like playing baby sitter in order to keep things running. A pure vanilla server will allow anyone to do anything in game. Burn down entire forests, blow up anything they want with TNT etc.
As I do on most of my servers that people play on, I create spawn centers, roads, portals to areas away from spawn so people can get out. I like making ranches, I will jump into Creative and try to build something cool to keep me busy while I am hanging around. What I do not to is get involved in Factions, PvP or anything that would effect any economy. I am just there on the server keeping an eye out. What was also not done was me explaining that to the guy who was going to run the Survival server what my plan was. It was not my intent to play Survival PvP with anyone. I was just going to do my thing over in a corner and come out if there was a problem, like cleaning up a TNT mess, or a lava mess etc. Add to that another player spawning in items to be used in the local economy and people got mad fast.

If I can ever find the real guy I offered the server to, who had it on a notebook, and uploaded his original map to, I will need to whole heartedly apologize for everything that happened. It was totally my fault for not paying attention to who was who before I handed out access. If he ever finds this, know that if you come back, I will make sure I am talking to the correct person, and I would hand out 1 server key to one person with full file level access, and I would only touch it if I was requested to do so. This upon my honor, and again know that I am very sorry for how things played out so quickly the first time. I was too trusting and too focused upon making everyone happy and adding stuff to the server when requested without question.

If the guy with a name ( I can not remember the name ) starting with K, and his Minecraft name started with a W does not want the server, there will be a server slot open for someone else to run however they want.

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Posted: 2013 07 05, 07:09
by Sllid3r
Oh Kooter... that was because someone Griefed the server. It was fixed yesterday. Sorry about that.

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Posted: 2013 07 05, 07:14
by Claire Itonula
Sllid3r wrote:Oh Kooter... that was because someone Griefed the server. It was fixed yesterday. Sorry about that.


Kaillei is the guy you want

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Posted: 2013 07 07, 16:25
by Sllid3r
Thank you Claire,

I just wrote him an apology for how things originally got started. I feel like such an ass.

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Posted: 2013 07 13, 14:45
by redragon
Sllid3r wrote:Server #2 is the Feed The Beast Server. Wild Wild West... no rules and need a Server Admin.

If you are still looking I'll take over admin for the FTB server. But I would like to know if anyone besides me is playing on it.