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About Lovelocke

Postby Chernitski » 2016 09 11, 00:35

Does anybody still have contact information for him?

Recently started playing, once again, though not in corp due to not wishing to be a part of goons again(didn't find myself liking it that much last time).

Anyway, i read through some old mails and felt a bit frightened about the fact that most people i used to play with are now either inactive or neutral or.. Well, red to me now. I still hold the corporation dear to me, even if it has been 4 years since i have been truly active by now. Seeing how things have changed in the time and remembering the things people, that some are still active, were handling, i was thinking of looking for some contact. To find out how's life. Locke's on top of that particular list, with people like Alessadra and the other people that were active on comms, back then, closely following. Even if it's a bit shameful to remember the person i myself used to be.

Even if none of you knows about that stuff, i also wanted to say that it was a joy to fly with you guys and that you are the people that ingrained EvE into what became a part of my cultural being. The knowledge that there are people out there you can connect with even if it's in a game of spaceships, that online communities can be more than beating on memes and shouting profanities. You created strong memories for me.

I'm flying in J-space now, also a part of PH for now, until i find my footing somewhere else. Fly safe, guys.

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Re: About Lovelocke

Postby DaveTheGreat » 2016 09 15, 14:57

Hes still on Twitter and Twitch


Looks like he plays alot of minecraft.

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