American Politics

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American Politics

Postby Boondock » 2017 01 18, 20:43

Are fucking insane man. Liberal or conservative, everyone is bat shit crazy. Not a fan of Trumpster as a person but I think he has a legit shot at improving the economy. What do yall think.

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Re: American Politics

Postby Brilok » 2017 01 19, 23:52

First off, I have a policy in my department at work that is a "politics and religion discussion and debate free zone", which I also extend to my online persona, as usually there is no agreement, alignment nor "winner" of any discussions. We all lose.

Secondly, American politics is no different from many other countries. I work in a transnational organization and we have regional presence in almost every country on the globe, meaning I travel a lot. Part of my prep is learning and understanding the political and cultural environment that I need to successfully conduct my business. Many, many countries and nations in this world have serious issues with their government, ruling bodies, political processes and leadership .... while blasted on the news 24/7 this is not a uniquely "American" issue.
When compared with the serious economical, cultural, and life threatening (genocide) situations that millions of the Earth's inhabitants are forced to endure on a daily basis, the American political game is pretty tame and petty.
Now, this post is not to down play the importance and potential impacts and ripple effects that could/can/will happen due to a paradigm shift of American government and leadership transition, or with any of the G20 countries. It's main function is to widen the view that many nations face similar and in a lot of cases more serious situations that a shift in overall governance may bring.

..... also honeypot


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Re: American Politics

Postby Ancelm_Blackwater » 2017 10 15, 05:09

thread revive, lets MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! :hand:

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