Directions on Applying

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Directions on Applying

Postby Alessadra » 2014 04 30, 06:06

Directions on applying to Enlightened Industries
  • Create an account on our auth system (If you already have a forum account with ENL-I, please simply recover your password)
    This creates both your forum and auth account. You can, in the future, log into all ENL-I services using this user name and password.
  • Registering your characters on the corp ESI site
    • Go to
    • When registering for the first time, be sure to register with your main
    • If you already have a GSF forum account, if possible, register the character with the same name first
    • Once you have registered your first character, to add more characters, click your name in the top right corner and click 'Link Character". (You may need to hit 'Cancel' to log in with another EvE account)
    • Do this for every character you own
  • Create your Application
    • Go to
    • Click on 'Apply'
    • Fill out the application form and make some effort, bad application are a auto reject (Please be familiar with the recruitment requirements)
    • In the final question "Any other relevant information that you wish to add to this?" explain any odd things (character sales, corp hopping) that may generate questions during your secruity check
    • Your application has been submitted
  • Please be patient and idle in the in-game channel ENL-I

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Re: Directions on Applying

Postby DK » 2018 06 19, 02:41

at the application page, i'm having a hard time getting the pilots name box to display my name. what do i put in for the voucher box?

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