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application to join

Postby mxj12-clown » 2017 08 29, 17:15

My wishes to do in the corp if accepted. is mainly (mining, production and PI(industry). ratting and and pvp tho on the smaller scale until i gain more experience in pvp. plus i wish to get started with learning about everything i need to know in the EVE universe in order to be a better player then i used to be i the past.

and since i have been away from the eve universe for some years, i have become totally green again and have not been in a player made corp. since end of 2014

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Re: application to join

Postby AlphaBarbz » 2018 02 01, 14:27

Applications - I like these, ok.
1. A am barking crackers, with a hint of British sarcasm
2. Love Logistics, military/civilian back ground in this industry
3. I left for a while due to burning the candle at both ends this resulted in a complete and utter shut down of the cerebral cortex concluding with a major brain fart.
4. I tried running my own corp. however this failed due lack of membership, who can resist the offer of genitalia removal, in hind sight, this may have been a step to far.
5. I do enjoy mining in the comfort of my own arm chair, I am now at peace with my past, will connect with my war rage on roams and gate camps as required under corp/goon rules.
6. Did I say i was crackers.

Many thanks for never getting those last five minutes back and hoping your life is richer for it.


Barbz (Alpha is just a state I am in)

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